Key Features

Product Description

Complete LTE Physical Layer for Pico-, Femto, and Micro-cells on SDR, DSP & ASIC Platforms

  • 3GPP Releases 8 and 9 Fully Compliant LTE PHY
  • Entirely software defined delivering and enabling flexibility and scalability
  • Number of supported users scalable and depending on hardware platform:
    • Microcell: 128+ users
    • Picocell: 64 - 128 users
    • Femtocell: 4 - 32 users
  • Optimized for low memory, processing power, and power consumption
  • Innovative algorithms such as advanced Femto schedulers
  • Comprehensive & configurable debug infrastructure
  • HW development platforms available
  • Test environment support
  • Femto Forum API (FFAPI) Compliant

SmallCellPHY is based on a modular architecture and flexible interfaces to enable fast porting and easy adaptation to specific system modules. Since the LTE standard is defined for a large range of system capabilities, the software has been made highly configurable. This enables tailoring of the required features and efficient utilization of the available hardware resources; reduction of the required resources will minimize the bill of materials for the end device. The software is fully compliant with 3GPP Releases 8 and 9 and will be available with Release 10 features at the end of 2015. The design benefits from the strong experience of CommAgility in high performance algorithms for multi-antenna systems. This is a crucial feature for efficient spectrum usage and maximal data throughput within the system. This means among other features, 64QAM modulation at highest data rates, and all MIMO modes such as SISO, SM, and SFBC.

Key Features

  • 3GPP Releases 8 and 9 Fully Compliant LTE PHY
  • Entirely Software Defined, Easy to Customize and Upgrade
  • Designed in ANSI C for Portability and Scalability
  • Optimized for Low Memory, Processing Power, and Power Consumption
  • Innovative Algorithms such as Advanced Schedulers for Enhanced Spectrum Efficiency
  • Advanced Femtocell Innovations such as Performance-Optimized MIMO
  • Comprehensive and Configurable Debug Infrastructure
  • Used by Tier 1 Small Cell Vendors
  • Quick Time-to-Market and Low Risk

Key Specifications

  • 3GPP Releases 8 and 9;  Release 10 coming in 2015
  • All DL channels implemented (PBCH, PCFICH, PDCCH, PDSCH, PHICH, PSS/SSS)
  • SISO and all MIMO modes (transmit diversity, large delay CDD, closed loop spatial multiplexing)
  • DL power control
  • All resource allocation types (including virtual resource blocks)
  • All UL channels implemented (SRS, PRACH, PUCCH, PUSCH)
  • All hopping modes included
  • Channel estimation and timing measurement
  • Interference estimation
  • HARQ control



Texas Instruments are the world leading supplier of high performance DSPs for wireless infrastructure. CommAgility’s SmallCellPHY software has been integrated on TI’s C66xx highly flexible, scaleable processors targeting LTE products. TI’s C66xx KeyStone series processors allow equipment manufacturers the advantages of design and code reuse, since the processors can be scaled to meet both the intensive processing demands of macro basestations, as well as the new generation of LTE Base Stations.

CommAgility offers the 3GPP LTE Stack software package SmallCellSTACK for many types of stack processors. The implementation is in ANSI C/C++ and is suitable to be ported to a wide variety of embedded Processors, and can also be used for simulation on a PC platform.

For more information on TI's small cell solutions, please click here.


Cadence Design Systems, Inc., are a leader in efficient dataplane processor (DPU) IP cores for advanced mobile wireless SOCs (system-on-chips). Cadence's Tensilica ConnX Baseband Engine (BBE) and Atlas LTE Reference designs will be available with MIMOon’s MobilePHY software. The ConnX BBE based wireless radio platform enables efficient baseband processing for 3G, LTE and 4G wireless equipment. The combination of Cadence’s optimized high-performance DSPs (digital signal processors) and controllers integrated in a single DPU platform provides designers with the ability to make the right tradeoffs between size, power and programmability to meet the challenging needs of the next generation radios.

For more details on Cadence’s ConnX BBE, please click here.


CEVA is the world’s leading licensor of silicon intellectual property (SIP) DSP cores and platform solutions for the mobile, portable and consumer electronics markets. CEVA’s IP portfolio includes comprehensive technologies for cellular baseband (2G / 3G / 4G), multimedia (vision, imaging and HD audio), voice processing, Bluetooth, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA). In 2012, CEVA's IP was shipped in over 1.1 billion devices, powering smartphones from many of the world’s leading OEMs, including HTC, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, TCL and ZTE. Today, more than 40% of handsets shipped worldwide are powered by a CEVA DSP core. For more information, visit Follow CEVA on twitter at